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Yes, of course, Orion Canada Inc. performs quality audits; all quality consultants do that! But, unlike most auditors who approach quality audits from a box checker's perspective, Orion Canada does more than just assessing compliance to a standard. Using years of experience implementing, managing and auditing quality processes and management systems, Orion Canada focuses the process assessments and audits on adding value to the organization. Orion Canada assessments identify opportunities to improve efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction based on best practices. Orion Canada auditors hold the highest industry auditor credentials and have audited hundreds of organizations. Don’t settle for a box checker. Demand value from your internal audits, third party audits, process assessments and Quality Fitness Tests!


How effective are your organization's processes?

Orion Canada can perform a Quality Fitness Test to identify opportunities for improvement. Assessment results provide the foundation of a quality strategy and a roadmap for improvement.

Process Assessments

Orion Canada Inc. uses established and proven quality assessment models to evaluate organizational effectiveness and to identify opportunities for improvement. The assessment report details the organization's strengths, opportunities and a suggested strategy for improving quality. Assessments typically last longer than audits and are more subjective than audits that focus on objective evidence. They focus heavily on sharing best practices and adding value. Orion Canada also performs internal, third party and security audits for its clients.

Internal Audits

Many organizations have chosen to have Orion Canada’s professional auditors regularly audit their internal processes. These internal audits identify opportunities for improvement, verify compliance to the corporate processes, and assess compliance to applicable standards and regulations (e.g., ISO 9001, AS9100, ISO 13485, Health Canada’s Medical Device Regulations, FDA Quality System Regulations and CE Mark). The Internal Audit reports are submitted to management; they identify strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Orion Canada Inc. offers its expert auditing services to perform quality management internal audits. Orion Canada’s professional internal audit services include:

  • Scheduling and coordinating the audit
  • Performing value-added onsite internal audits
  • Preparing the electronic audit report and submitting it within five business days of the completion of the audit
  • Maintaining the internal audit schedule

Third Party Audits

Following the lead of the General Motors, Ford and Cisco Systems, many organizations now outsource their second-party audits of suppliers and distribution chains. These independent and professional audits have proven to be more cost effective and value-added than those performed by company staff.

Please call or e-mail us to review, in greater detail, your organization’s need for a quality fitness review, or to explore the possibility of increasing your organizational effectiveness through outsourcing your audit program.

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