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Customer Satisfaction

Is there something you could learn from your customers?
How about your past customers or the customers of your competitors?

Orion Canada Inc. can design and execute a strategy for measuring customer satisfaction for small or large organizations. Allow us to independently collect and analyze customer satisfaction data to determine your organizations strengths and weaknesses as determined by your customers. Learn what your current and past customers as well as the customers of your competitors have to say about your service.
Orion Canada Inc. can customize its research to suit your needs. Typical activities include:

  • Designing a customer satisfaction measurement strategy including customer surveys and a data analysis framework
  • Independent satisfaction surveys and/or focus groups of current and past customers
  • Research on the perceptions of your business by the customers of your competitors
  • Competitive benchmarking of your organization

Please contact us to discuss how Orion Canada can assist you.

Customer Satisfaction