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Our Commitment to our Clients

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  1. Customized Consulting: We believe a quality solution should be designed to fit a business ... not the consultant or a standard. Orion Canada Inc. focuses on first understanding your business and then designing an approach specifically tailored to fit. Orion Canada Inc. works with the client to mutually agree on areas where Orion Canada Inc. can be most productively employed.

  2. Fixed Price Contracts: You can count on Orion Canada Inc. to deliver on its promises. Mutually agreed to estimates define responsibilities and form the basis of fixed price contracts.

  3. Reasonable Rates: Orion Canada Inc. charges very competitive rates that appeal to small & medium sized businesses and government organizations. Prospective clients are offered a free, no obligation, initial consultation on how Orion Canada can assist them to achieve a competitive advantage using quality.

  4. Detailed Invoices: Invoices are sent at agreed-to milestones and clearly detail the activities our clients are paying for.

  5. No Consultant Substitution: Instead, an experienced Orion Canada Inc. team will learn about our client's business and work closely with client personnel throughout the project.

  6. Highly Qualified Consultants: Orion Canada Inc. consultants are recognized experts in their field. Several books and articles have been published based on research and expertise in quality management. Credentials include: Lead Auditor accreditation by the prestigious International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified Quality Auditor (CQA), Certified Quality Manager (CQMgr) and Certified Software Quality Engineer (CSQE) designations. These qualifications combine with years of private and public sector management experience as practitioners, not just consultants! However, the most significant qualification is a long track record of highly satisfied customers.

  7. Value Added Audits: Are you getting your money's worth out of your investment in quality? Let Orion Canada Inc. revitalize your quality system through a value added audit. Orion Canada's highly qualified auditors take a value added approach to audits. Like most audits, our approach ensures the quality system is compliant to the appropriate standard and operating effectively; however, Orion Canada Inc. also uses internal audits as a vehicle to solicit feedback from staff and to identify efficiency and process improvements. Join the many organizations that already outsource their internal audit function to Orion Canada.

  8. Individual Attention: Orion Canada Inc. provides each client with individual hands-on service and designs a quality system specifically for each client. Orion Canada Inc. does not provide group consulting nor do they impose a standardized set of policies and procedures on their clients.

  9. Simple Solutions: A quality solution should improve the company's performance, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Orion Canada Inc. believes the best management system solutions are often the simplest. Once a quality system has become a bureaucratic burden, it has failed.

  10. Our Guarantee: Those clients seeking registration to a standard will benefit from Orion Canada's expertise in developing a compliant quality system. As a guarantee of a successful audit, Orion Canada Inc. will provide up to 3 days of consulting free of charge to assist in developing a plan to address any corrective actions and observations identified during the audit. Of course, the quality systems of our clients are so good that this guarantee has never been exercised!

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