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Orion Canada experts can deliver services at costs typically lower than internal staffing. Consider the strong business case for outsourcing quality, environmental or information security management system maintenance activities and audits to Orion Canada.

Are you looking to reduce quality system cost?

Orion Canada Inc. offers a range of low-cost outsourcing options to organizations that desire high quality service for a cost that is less than the typical cost of staffing the positions internally. Partner with Orion Canada to improve your organization’s efficiency. Orion Canada’s consulting and outsourcing services include:

  • Value-added internal audits
  • Customer satisfaction measurement and data analysis
  • Complete quality system management services
  • Management review preparation and coordination
  • ISO 9001 gap assessments and project planning
  • Quality system design and implementation
  • Supplier and distribution channel quality assessments

Orion Canada has a level of service to match your requirements and budget, whether it is managing one element or the entire quality system. Ask for your free consultation to discuss how to improve your organization’s efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Achieve a competitive advantage through improved quality!

ISO 9001:2015 Compliant   Professional   Cost Effective

Increasingly, organizations are discovering the advantage of outsourcing their quality functions. It is more effective to contract services as needed than to maintain a "quality department" or to train and dedicate scarce resources to quality functions such as internal audits, quality system maintenance, customer satisfaction measurement, and meeting or problem solving facilitation. For significantly less than the cost of an employee, Orion Canada Inc. can provide its fully accredited experts for your quality needs.

Orion Canada provides a cost-effective alternative to using company resources on quality system management. In addition to reducing the costs of quality, outsourcing specific quality system tasks or the complete management of your quality system to Orion Canada frees your resources to focus on what it is you do best --- your core competencies!

Below are examples of typical services that are outsourced to Orion Canada:

Outsourced Internal Audits

There is a very strong business case for outsourcing internal audits. Increasingly, there is recognition that internal audits performed by audit professionals deliver better value to management than those performed by in-house staff. Internal audit outsourcing options range from a one-time benchmarking internal audit against industry best practices, to the complete outsourcing of the internal audit function.
The following are benefits of engaging Orion Canada’s professional auditors to perform an organization’s internal audits:


Orion Canada auditors hold the highest levels of auditor certification, including:

  • International Registry of Certified Auditors (IRCA) Lead Auditor
  • American Society for Quality (ASQ) Certified Quality Auditor (CQA)
  • Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) Certified Information System Auditor (CISA)
  • Medical Device Lead Auditor (MDSAP & MDR)
  • Information Security Lead Auditor
  • Environmental Management Lead Auditor
  • OHSAS Lead Auditor
  • AS9100 AIEA Certified Lead Auditor


Orion Canada has been subcontracting certification auditor services to accredited registrars since 1999. Orion Canada auditors are very experienced in how certification audits are performed.


Orion Canada auditors have audited hundreds of organizations. They have seen many best practices and as many underperforming processes. This experience is invaluable.


Orion Canada’s value added approach to internal audits delivers high value findings to management.


Orion Canada’s reputation, credentials and experience is recognized by certification bodies and customers


It is less costly and more efficient to have professional and focused auditors perform internal audits according to industry standards and best practices. In may be unrealistic to expect top quality results from staff who are already fully tasked with day jobs and who only perform internal audits once or twice each year.

Outsourced Customer Satisfaction Measurement

ISO 9001 does not require customer satisfaction surveys.
Let Orion Canada help you gather more valuable customer satisfaction intelligence without the dreaded survey!

It is best practice and an ISO 9001 requirement to monitor customer satisfaction. However, mass issued customer satisfaction surveys yield low response rates, questionable data and annoyance factor that may actually lead to customer dissatisfaction!

Orion Canada specializes in customer satisfaction measurement, not public opinion research or mass surveys. Let Orion Canada customize and execute an ISO 9001 compliant customer satisfaction measurement process that produces analysis that is meaningful to management. If you are measuring customer satisfaction, Orion Canada is the expert!

Outsourced Management System Services

“We were very pleased with the quality and cost of outsourcing our quality system management function to Orion Canada.”

Lynn Saunders, Plaintree Systems Inc.
(manufacturers of optical wireless networking equipment)

Quality is critical to your organization, but it should not come with a hefty price tag. In fact, the objective should be to maximize quality at the least possible cost. Orion Canada can help you do this by maintaining and managing your quality, environmental or information security management system, or providing supplemental resources when needed. Orion Canada’s industry certified quality managers currently manage the quality systems of several organizations that have recognized the value of Orion Canada’s professional services and cost savings opportunity.

Outsourced Management Review Preparation and Meeting Facilitation

Design reviews, project postmortems, root cause analysis, management reviews of quality system performance, and other meetings are a costly component of doing business. A third party facilitator knowledgeable in problem solving and consensus building techniques is often the trick to making your organization’s meetings more efficient and effective. Orion Canada can assist in planning, preparing, and conducting meetings that will make the most of your organization’s scarce time while minimizing costs.

Outsourced Supplier and Distribution Channel Quality Assessments

Orion Canada can provide your organization with independent assessments of existing or potential suppliers or distribution channel partners. In fact, Orion Canada can help you design the assessment criteria and rating model so that you can identify those supplier or distribution partners that best suit your needs. Orion Canada has defined the methodology for channel partner assessments used globally by a major Fortune 500 company. And, Orion Canada auditors have performed hundreds of supplier and channel assessments throughout North America. Orion Canada can help your organization assess the quality of its potential partners.

Find out why more and more organizations are outsourcing the maintenance of their quality system to Orion Canada!

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