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Orion Canada Inc. offers several publications based on their leading edge research and innovative approach to quality. The following is a sample of publications written by Orion Canada consultants. All are copyright protected:

"Quality Improvement in Hostile Environments"
ASQ/CPSQA, November 2004.


"First Hand Experiences with ISO 9001:2000."
Capital Quality News, November 2000.

Research Article:
"ISO 9001 Registration: Lessons Learned by Canadian Software Companies.."
Fifth International Conference on Management of Technology, February 1996.

Research Article:
"Impact of ISO 9001 on Software Quality."
Capital Quality News, October 1998.

Research Article:

"A Review of Research on the Benefits of ISO 9000 Registration."
Orion Canada Inc., July 2000.

"Quality System Requirements for Medical Devices: Reference Guide for Manufacturers Selling Medical Devices in Europe, Canada and the United States."
Life Sciences Branch, Industry Canada 2005.

"ISO 9001 Registration for Small and Medium Sized Software Enterprises."
Carleton/Oxford University Press 1995, ISBN 0-88629-255-7 (with A.J. Bailetti).

Case Study:
"Quality Assurance at CompEngServ Inc."
Certified Advanced Technology Manager (CATM) Program, September 1994.

Master's Thesis:
"Software Project Management Practices: A Comparison of ISO 9001 Registered and Non-registered Software Developers."
Carleton University, December 1997.